We offer specialized advice on art-related matters throughout all stages of creative project development

Personal Consultancy for Artists & Art Graduates (1-on-1 sessions)

  • Art Career Counselling & Art Practice Strategy
  • Art University Admissions/Application Advice
  • Art Portfolio & Art Projects Review & Feedback
  • Reviewing artists’ projects and designing+curating exhibitions from scratch
  • Personal Statement/Art Essay Planning
    • We work with students throughout the process of planning, drafting, and revising their application essays. Nearly every school requires the 650-word Common Application Essay, but most top universities also require additional essays about their achievements, goals, passions, and reasons for wanting to study at the university.
    • Following our tried-and-tested approach, we guide students as they develop their core stories – the stories that tell about the most pivotal moments in their lives – and adapt them to the questions on the different university applications.

Artists (New, Emerging, Mid-tiered)

          We bring artists closer to our network of collectors, galleries, museums, institutions, and spectators through reviewing artists’ projects and designing exhibitions with an articulate and integrated curatorial narrative.

○           We can also help design exhibition projects from scratch. From defining its concept and curatorial theme and developing art texts to managing the logistics of work installation and outlining and executing the project’s communication and promotion strategy.

Art Students (IGCSE, A-level, IB, Art Foundation, Undergraduate, Post-graduate)

          Our art consultant reviews in detail the client’s vision for their art practice and creatively develops an art strategy that responds to their needs. Each plan is designed with a long-term view, thereby creating a framework that can continue to grow. ​

          We provide recommendations and propose concept ideas for one’s needs through a deep and granular understanding of the individual and one’s project’s context. This also involves reviewing the current art portfolios and all supporting materials related to their art and curating them in line with the unique strategy. ​

Digital Marketing in the Art World




Exhibition Reviews

  • We offer content marketing services for artists and creatives to help promote their art through our editorial promotions, online channels, and our network of contacts.

  • Press/Advertisement Services: Editorial and promotional content such as artist interviews, exhibitions videos, visual content through our channel, or our network of art-related magazines/media platforms

Advice on Buying & Selling Works of Art

Art Valuation & Sales

  • We consult in art sales and acquisitions, assessing entire collections or individual works of art and liaise with collectors, specialists, artists, and galleries. We help craft creative solutions for clients seeking to enter the Thai and Southeast Asian art market. These services include:

    1. Pricing, valuating a single work of art
    2. Assessing and valuating entire collections of works of art; art prices on artist’s works, collections
    3. Art sales, dealing with clients
    4. Collection building and art acquisitions on behalf of a client

Art Market Research & Investment Advice:

  • We provide in-depth resources and data-driven results when choosing what art to collect. This includes a thorough history of the artist, the artist’s market and trends, Thai NFTs, physical art, and digital art.

Legal Advice in the Arts

  • We consult on the legal and financial terms and solutions for artists to finance the production, commission, preservation, promotion, and sale of artwork.
  • We consult on art law topics; copyright, Intellectual Property rights, contractual agreements, and more.



Schedule a 1-hour online or in-person session to assess your needs. We provide specialized advice on art-related matters and at all stages of creative project development.

Tell us what you’re working on and we will select the right advisory plan for you.

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Book a 1-hour session here to enquire about tutoring class/portfolio course registration details, our advisory services, or schedule a 1-on-1 Personal Advisory & Consultation Session (for Artists & Art Graduates) to assess your needs. 

We provide specialised advice on art-related matters throughout all stages of creative project development. Whichever stage your artistic journey is at, Artvorm can advise on creative direction and artwork concepts. We can provide a turnkey art service, overseeing the project from initial ideas to the final piece.

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